This Week in Queens

This Week in QueensComing back from a vacation is always rough. This past week was a good one though. It was productive and I got to see some new places in the city. The Boyfriend, a friend from home, and myself went to dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. We tried BSide Pizza Par and it was delicious. I love a good brick oven pizza. We had some rain over the weekend and the temps were starting to cool off but today feels like we’re heading back into the heat. Anywho, here are some snaps from last week!  Continue reading

This Week in Queens

This Week in Queens

It was a short week in Queens as I headed to Nashville on Friday. A dear friend from college had her bachelorette party there. It was an amazing weekend and it was so great to have all of us girls back together! Continue reading

Why are there crystals on my wine cork?

Crystals on wine cork

It seems as if it was a few months ago that I was opening up a bottle of red, only to find what appeared to be crystals on my wine cork. In reality, this was one year ago. Few may notice that the background to these photos is the old Beach Palace. I came across this draft and the photos remembering at one point I wanted to share this discovery. So, if we will, let’s think of this as a #throwbackthursday post. Continue reading

This Week in Queens

This Week in Quees

It’s been two weeks since we moved into our new home. I’ve always known New York was different than Los Angeles however, I was unaware of how different the two cities were until I moved here. Not bad different, just different.

For one, it rains A LOT. Even in June. It may not seem like much to anyone else but after leaving this, any rain is a lot. Humidity is really a thing. The buildings and homes are older here. I’m talking prewar old. There is a lot of brick (my love of brick is no secret), detailed doorways and arches. Then there are the trains, the subways, and the crazy bus drivers – they’ll keep turning right even if there are still people in the crosswalk. Continue reading

My First Month in New York

My first month in New York

Can we all agree that moving and packing really stinks? Packing for trip has never been something I can do days or weeks in advance. My HB Roommate (hermosa beach roomie and a best friend; miss her dearly) can attest. My day-of, hours-before-I-leave packing habits gave her anxiety. What can I say – I work better under a little pressure and knowing your flight leaves in 3 hours and you haven’t packed is quite the bit of pressure.

Now, packing for a move is a whole ‘nother beast. You don’t realize how many personal belongings you have until you’re moving out of a place you’ve lived in for over 3 years. Especially, when you fill a garage with boxes you haven’t looked at since college. (guilty.) The point I’m trying to make is that packing for a move, and then moving everything, stinks.

In the matter of a few weeks, I have packed up belongings and moved twice. Thankfully most of my belongings are still packed up and making their way here but the 2nd time around I helped pack up the Boyfriend’s belongings and we moved to QUEENS! Continue reading

In a New York Minute

love made me do it //

So, it’s official. May 2nd I will be getting on a plane and heading to New York. The difference between this trip and the many others I have taken before is that this time it’s a one way ticket. I’m moving to NEW YORK.  Continue reading

A Much Needed Vacation

Mount RoyalHave you ever heard that saying, “when you don’t have time to relax is the time you need it the most”? That couldn’t have been more true leading up to Valentine’s Day weekend. Continue reading