A Much Needed Vacation

Mount RoyalHave you ever heard that saying, “when you don’t have time to relax is the time you need it the most”? That couldn’t have been more true leading up to Valentine’s Day weekend.

With new projects starting left and right, planning for this future date and that future date, my mind was on overdrive and it reached its breaking point. I felt as if my body was forcing me to stop. In a cruel, migraine-filled way. Cramming five days worth of work into three wasn’t helpful either. It was a very clear message from my body and the universe telling me to CHILL.OUT.

Thankfully, I would be on a plane come Thursday for a much needed break. While the East Coast was getting pounded with snow, I was leaving sunny, 85° weather. My view for the start of the flight was bright, blue skies and beaches. Lovely, isn’t it?

(null)(null)Needless to say, it was a lot colder in New York and Montreal, where the Boyfriend, myself, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend would be spending the long weekend. Forecasts weren’t kiddin’ around:

Montreal is really cold

BUT! I was ready for it. I had packed my new, extra warm DKNY coat and my new SOREL snow boots. I was not messin’ around and thank goodness I wasn’t. Have you ever felt -11° (really -20 with wind chill)? This was a first for me. In case you were wondering, it’s COLD. Like, our faces/legs/hands were burning. The hands part was partially my fault. I had to get a few photos on top of Mount Royal so, I took off my gloves for less than 5 minutes. Painful. Anywho, I survived to tell the tale. Montreal can be really cold in the winter.

New York wasn’t soo bad though. It was definitely bearable. I got into town late Thursday night and we headed out to Montreal first thing Friday morning. Not before running around in the snow and taking some pictures. I’m still new to the snow so, it makes me happy.

Sorel Snow BootsNew YorkMontreal was still beautiful even in the cold. We made it out to a few restaurants, a few bars, and saw some of the Boyfriend’s family. I love this city.

Some places we went this trip: Restaurant PizzaiollePub St-Paul, Les Trois Brasseurs, Brutopia for some shuffleboard and live music, and Kyomi.Old Port, Montreal, QuebecWalking around Old Port with the Boyfriend, with its cobblestone streets and snow flurries floating down, put such a big smile on my face. I never want these moments to end.

MontrealMontreal, QuebecMontreal, QuebecWe also had some time to take a trip to the Atwater Market! Vendors and merchants sell goods and produce here and while it was indoors during this time of year, in the summertime they set up outside. Just like our weekly farmer’s markets in the states, only it is open daily. We picked up some food to make dinner, fresh bread (my favorite), and cheeses (also my favorite). Atwater Market, MontrealWe saw the rest of the Boyfriend’s family Sunday and headed back to NY that night. It all went by way too fast, as it usually does, but it was another great trip nonetheless! And, I can now say I have felt -20°!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back and I have been feeling much better. Sometimes, we just need to listen to our bodies and take a break. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, stress does terrible things to the body and the mind. So, if you’ve made it through all of the pictures and my ramblings about Montreal I hope you remember to slow down everyone once in a while. Take breaks when you need them. Our health is our most important asset.



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Creating a Cozy Home //

eat drink and be cozy
One thing I love about winter is the chance to finally wrap up in a cozy blanket, turn on your favorite show (*cough* friends on netflix*cough*), and sip on something warm and tasty.

While the days have been warmer than I would like, the nights are still staying fairly cold. I know one day I will probably regret wishing for colder weather but that day is not today. Instead, these photos have me daydreaming of fluffy rugs, plush pillows, and warm blankets; perfect for a cold winter day.

The good thing about creating a cozy home is that the weather doesn’t have to hit blizzard like conditions. Although, can we all agree that thoughts of curling up in a warm blanket sound much better when it isn’t 75 degrees outside?

No matter what the weather looks like outside of your window, here are some ways to create a cozy home. And who wouldn’t want a cozy home all year long?

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Life lately //

Margarita AdventuresHey there! & Happy New Year! I hope everyone is enjoying their new year. 2015 is here! Can you believe it?? Other than a few instagram photos, I took a break a bit of a break from the digital world during the holidays. It wasn’t entirely intentional but I did enjoy the time off.

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Holiday Tablescape Ideas //

Holiday Tablescape Ideas

We’re in the double digits in December. And in a few shorts weeks we’ll be ringing in a new year! Even though I’m saying it, I still cannot believe it.

But here we are! Holiday parties have commenced, homes are decorated and smelling wonderfully of fresh trees and garland, and I’m playing Christmas music A LOT. I am one happy girl.

While the Beach Palace won’t be having any holiday parties before Christmas, I wanted to share these lovely holiday tablescape ideas. It’s always nice to have a few ideas up your sleeve for when the time comes. Continue reading

Interior Envy // Using Maps as Decor

framed maps // copper accents
Before I start getting into Christmas decor and decorations, I wanted to share this idea. I’ve been seeing maps as decor more and more lately. There’s a certain wanderlust effect of having maps on your walls. Whether it’s a map of your favorite city, a world map as an accent wall, or a gallery of maps in the same shade, there’s a style that can fit in any home.

My love of copper is no secret so, it isn’t too surprising that I was drawn to the photo above. Pair copper accents with a NY and Paris map, a city I already enjoy and one I would love to visit, and it’s a done deal. I’m also partial to the gallery wall of maps in the same shade of yellow.

Check out a few ways to use maps as decor:

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WTRMLN WTR // summer in your mouth

WTRMLN WTR // summer in your mouth

Over the summer when I was in NY, I walked by this tiny shop with bright pink walls and a black exterior. This “shop” was wide enough for a fridge and long enough for really only one person to be comfortable. There was a sign out front that read “WTRMLN WTR: Summer in your mouth”. I was intrigued. Continue reading

Thoughts for a new week //

Life is short

And so is this work week! 3 more days until good food and good times with family. I can already taste the sweet potato pie I’ll be making again this year. Here’s to a quick and productive (short) week!



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