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After a whirlwind trip to California (I feel as if it was all a dream it went by so fast), this week of work surprisingly flew by. Normally, after trips back home to see family and friends I come back to work and the week moves as slow as molasses. I’m taking this as a good sign that I’m at a job that I’m truly enjoying.

I didn’t have much planned for my actual birthday this year and to be honest, I was in kind of a funk as I got closer to the day. I knew I would be going home just a few days later but I still couldn’t shake this strange vibe following me around. I hadn’t mentioned to anyone at work it was my birthday because I had just started and felt it would be an out of place conversation. I ended up making a small comment about it the day of and what followed was so nice.

It was as if a birthday fairy appeared and the fun kept coming. A friend of the Boyfriend and mine surprised me at work with beautiful flowers. She said he had asked her to bring some by my work as a gift from him as he was still out of town. I was so surprised. After chatting for a few, I made my way towards the kitchen to put the flowers in water where I saw my coworkers had gotten a dozen delicious dough donuts from across the street (seriously, the best donuts ever) and set up some drinks to cheers with.

dough donuts nyc

Everyone sang happy birthday, we cheersed, and tasted a new dominican rum we have in the shop. It made me feel so welcomed and grateful to be working there.

The next night I grabbed dinner and drinks at Burger and Lobster with some friends. It ended up being a great start to 27.

Friday night I was off to California for less than 48 hours. Bridesmaid dress shopping (a success!) and seeing my friends and family, even for such a short time, was well worth the 2 redeye flights and playing catchup on sleep this week.

I feel like I should be sharing some insightful words or how I’ve been reflecting on the past year. For now, I’m going to keep it simple –  I’m happy and grateful. Happy to have wonderful people in my life, to be getting to celebrate so much love in the next year+ with friends getting married, and to be able to experience and make my way in this city for a little while longer with my person.

Also happy to not be hungover anymore after a night out with friends. Seriously, why do hangovers have to last forever now that we’re out of college??! 😫 👵🏽



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Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc

Hello there! Since the last time I checked in, I’ve completed my level 1 WSET course. Now, I’m patiently waiting to (hopefully) receive my diploma and a letter saying I passed the exam. Send positive thoughts my way!

While going through the course and studying for the exam, I read about Fumé Blanc – a Sauvignon Blanc from California that is fermented in oak barrels. An oaked Sauvignon Blanc?! This I had to try. Continue reading Fumé Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc’s Oaked Sister

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thanksgiving tasting event

(photo via Vinepair)

Last Wednesday night is one I will remember for a long time. The Boyfriend and I attended VinePair‘s Thanksgiving Tasting Event in the East Village. 32 wines to taste and make notes and a full thanksgiving dinner  – pumpkin pie and a final port wine (not scored) included!

Around the last week of October or so, I saw a call out in their email newsletter (one of the few I actually open to read) looking for those who would be interested in attending a thanksgiving tasting event. The requirements: 21+, must live in NYC, must be able to make it to the East Village by 7pm, Tuesday November 11th; more details to follow if selected. Continue reading Thanksgiving Wine Tasting with Vinepair

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say goodbye to fear //

On the R-train, stopped for half an hour. Someone’s sick in the train in front of us. Tending to the ill means sitting for the rest of us. At least everyone has a seat. It is a Saturday, 12;15 when we left. Some are getting antsy and annoyed, namely the man sitting next to me. “Just take the sick person off of the train. Then we can go. Just take them away”, he pleads. Others are looking around, maybe searching for similar feelings in the faces of those sitting around them? Some are sleeping. I’m listening to a podcast that I’m thankful downloaded before we lost service.

I’ve been feeling anxious myself lately. Lost in the everyday tasks. Struggling with the voices in my head asking questions about the future. What do you want to do? Where/what are your passions? Should it be this hard? Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Fear On The R-Train

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Warby ParkerAfter college I was looking for a new pair of eyeglasses that weren’t a ridiculous amount of money. Throughout high school and college, I wore designer glasses that costs a couple hundred dollars (sorry, mom!) and usually got them at the eye doctor’s office. I loved the frames but looking back now it seems ridiculous to upwards of $300 for a pair of eye glasses + lenses.

Enter Warby Parker.

Continue reading Falling For The Warby Parker Fall Collection

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This Week in QueensComing back from a vacation is always rough. This past week was a good one though. It was productive and I got to see some new places in the city. The Boyfriend, a friend from home, and myself went to dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. We tried BSide Pizza Par and it was delicious. I love a good brick oven pizza. We had some rain over the weekend and the temps were starting to cool off but today feels like we’re heading back into the heat. Anywho, here are some snaps from last week!  Continue reading This Week in Queens

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Crystals on wine cork

It seems as if it was a few months ago that I was opening up a bottle of red, only to find what appeared to be crystals on my wine cork. In reality, this was one year ago. Few may notice that the background to these photos is the old Beach Palace. I came across this draft and the photos remembering at one point I wanted to share this discovery. So, if we will, let’s think of this as a #throwbackthursday post. Continue reading Why are there crystals on my wine cork?

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