thanksgiving tasting event

Thanksgiving Wine Tasting with Vinepair

thanksgiving tasting event

(photo via Vinepair)

Last Wednesday night is one I will remember for a long time. The Boyfriend and I attended VinePair‘s Thanksgiving Tasting Event in the East Village. 32 wines to taste and make notes and a full thanksgiving dinner  – pumpkin pie and a final port wine (not scored) included!

Around the last week of October or so, I saw a call out in their email newsletter (one of the few I actually open to read) looking for those who would be interested in attending a thanksgiving tasting event. The requirements: 21+, must live in NYC, must be able to make it to the East Village by 7pm, Tuesday November 11th; more details to follow if selected.

Yes, yes, and yes – sign me up!

When I found out I had been selected I was ecstatic! 22 people were invited to attend. While I’ve gone wine tasting with friends and family before, I have yet to attend an event like this. The week leading up to the event couldn’t go by fast enough.

thanksgiving dinner

(photo via VinePair)

The reason behind this event was to find the best wines for thanksgiving but instead of looking at ratings from critics, VinePair wanted to find out from their audience.

Here’s the thing about ratings, when critics are tasting wines to score they aren’t in the same setting we will be when we are drinking the wine. They aren’t pairing wines with food, they aren’t chatting among friends and family. These situations influence our wine experience.

We got to IN VINO and met Adam, the cofounder of Vinepair. We settled into our spot for the evening and once everyone was there, corks were popped and we began the night of tasting!

wine tasting

For the most part, I enjoyed all of the wines. Although, there was one that tasted like someone sprayed perfume in my mouth and that wasn’t pleasant. We even got to smell a corked bottle!

If you’re looking for some wines to bring to thanksgiving dinner or new wines to try, here are some of my favorites from the night!




You can see a recap and list of the top wines of the night (and a familiar face in one of the photos!), as well as recommendations if you can’t find the wines locally, at VinePair’s Thanksgiving Reader Wine Tasting Panel.

Wine Tasting

While, for the most part, we sipped each wine a few times before tossing the rest into a bucket, I did savor a few glasses. It was a good night.

Thank you to VinePair and IN VINO for hosting such a fun event!

I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter. Their articles are fun and informative. They cover everything from wine, to beer, to spirits!

Have you tried any new wines you’re loving at the moment? Or maybe sticking to an old favorite? Let me know in the comments! 



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