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Hello, June

Kelsey Garrity Riley

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Traveling. Looking for, and accepting, a new job. Getting my results back from WSET Level 2 (pass with distinction!). Searching for an apartment. Celebrating graduations. Life has kind of been all over the place lately but for all the best reasons.

New Beginnings

After getting back from the most amazing trip to Southeast Asia, finding a new place to call home in Manhattan, and starting a new job, I’m feeling very grateful and very inspired to get back to blogging.

New York, NY

It’s the 1st of June (the best month of the year) and it feels like the perfect time to start again. So, cheers to June and new beginnings! Looking forward to sharing my travels, all the wine things, life in NYC, and so much more.



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  • I look forward to it as well.


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