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Thanksgiving Dishes + Wine Pairings

Dusting off the cobwebs around here just in time for some Thanksgiving wine pairings.

This year, the fiancé (still feels surreal to say it!) is working nights so, we’ll be staying in the city for Thanksgiving. We’re going to make a small feast with a friend of ours to enjoy the day off.

At work, my team and I have been working on a killer Thanksgiving email series that went live last week to our email subscribers. Whether your menu is already planned or still in the works, these recipes all look delicious. I will definitely be saving some of these to make throughout the year.

And what about the wine? There really isn’t a right or wrong wine pairing when it comes to this meal. There are so many different flavors going on that it’s nearly impossible to only have one perfect wine pairing. Drink what you like and enjoy the company you’re with. Although, there are a few things to remember when you head to your local wine shop. Keep reading to find out what we recommend!

Main Dish


Thanksgiving Menu

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Turkey, of course! Here are a few approaches to the bird.  Spatchcocking cooks in under an hour.  Many chef’s swear by a good brine.  And if you’re really crazy, try deep frying the bird!

What to serve?  The truth is almost any wine will go well with turkey. Think about your meal as a whole. Medium-bodied, Fresh Reds provide a pop of acidity and compliment multi-flavored meals. If using a spicy rub or you like sriracha in your stuffing, go fruity and crisp, or bubbly.  If you are cooking with a lot of fruit, double down.


Thanksgiving Menu

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The sides are often the stars of the table. If you want to add to your repertoire, check out these three delicious recipes:

Tip: Add bacon to the Brussel Sprouts for a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

We vote for a variety of wines on the table.  It’s a fun chance to explore flavor combinations.  And, as the host, you’ll cover everyone’s potential preference (no election jokes, please!).  For classic whites, go leaner, lower alcohol, less oak.


Thanksgiving Menu

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If you find you have been making mushy, bland stuffing, break free!  A great stuffing can be a centerpiece dish.

Hot Tip: Avoid cooking the stuffing inside the bird, unless you want to risk food poisoning!

Chances are your stuffing will pair well with every wine you serve but it is possible that your recipe will influence your choice of wine. For instance, if your stuffing includes generous amounts of sweet fruit, a mind-blowing pairing is a touch-sweet Riesling.

Two additional notes on wine.  Some believe it’s important to focus on bottles from the United States.  And some of our friends use this familial occasion to open and share their best bottles.  We can help you find a few of these too.


Thanksgiving menu

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Last but certainly not least, here are a few dessert recipes we’re loving.

Bring out the dessert wine. If not now, when? SauternesTokaji, Ports, go nuts! It’s a very satisfying way to end an epic meal.

What It’s All About

When it really comes down to it, there is no right or wrong wine. Just ask Eric Asimov. At the end of the day, pour what you like and enjoy this time with friends and family.

Pro Tip: Sparkling Wines will keep you smiling through a long day of cooking, will delight your arriving guests, and will pair well with just about everything you might serve.

– The Bottlerocket Team



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  • Thanks so much for sharing my Southern Pecan Pie Bars as a dessert for Thanksgiving! I appreciate you sharing them and hope you enjoy them as much as my family does!
    Best wishes to you for a joyous Thanksgiving!
    Robyn xo

    • Thank you for the sweet note! They sound absolutely delicious. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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