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Mouton Noir Wine // Bottoms Up

Good morning from a snowy NYC!

Up until today, New York’s “winter” this year has been strangely mild. Even more so than my first winter here. We’ve had multiple days hitting the high 50’s and there has only been a few dustings of snow. And yes, I am complaining. Bring on the snow and the cold weather! This California girl wants to see some snow. Thankfully, my prayers are being answered today. (Sorry, NYC). We’re supposed to get up to a foot of snow through this afternoon! We’ll see how excited and happy I am when I’m trying to get to work in a few hours but right now, I am ready for it.

While I’ve been wishing for snow, I’ve also been wishing I would have ordered more of Mouton Noir’s Bottoms Up White Table Wine. I cannot remember how I came across Mouton Noir but the red blend Horseshoes and Hand grenades originally caught my eye. My coworker and I had just been talking about the saying, “Almost only counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades…” and when I found this we just had to get some. We ordered a couple bottles each as well as this Bottoms Up white blend.

While the red pulled me in, what I need to talk about right now is this white. It’s a blend of (mostly) Riesling with Pinot Blanc and Viognier. I’ve come to love riesling and almost any white wine that has a nice, crisp, in-your-face acidity. Lately, I’ve been craving these types of wines. This one did not disappoint.

Imagine this – you have a plate in front of you of big, ripe peaches that you just cut up; you can smell the delicious sweetness. With the sweet smell of peaches around you, you take a sip of your glass and it feels as if you are biting into a lemon sprinkled with a little sugar. The acidity makes your mouth pucker but the slight presence of sugar settles the mouth watering effect leaving you wanting another taste.This is what Bottoms Up is like. There is a little floralness to this wine from the Viognier and possibly from the Pinot Blanc but it is subtle; noticeable but subtle.  And that kiss of sweetness ties the fruit and citrus characteristics together in a nice little bow.

What’s even better – this bottle is under $20! I’m thinking I need to order more before the real warm weather gets here. If you have a chance, check out some of his other labels as well as his t-shirts. A few of my favorites are Barolo Kings and Beaune-Thugs-N-Burgundy. So clever.

Another tidbit: Mouton Noir was founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007. These wines are from the Willamette Valley region in Oregon.



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